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Craving for a smoothie or a margarita? Need one right now but are out of blenders? Do you wish for a dream kitchen and want all the appliances you may need to prepare an exotic dinner? Perhaps you have a cozy kitchen and want only what you may need, what occupies as little space as possible so as not to appear too cluttered? Awok has it all covered for you. It brings you a wide variety of blenders that will suit all your needs, and on which you can rely on. The wide collection includes both the upright or stand blenders, and handheld blenders. The upright blenders or stand blenders require you to put the ingredients into the container that will then be fit onto the rotating motor which is embedded onto the solid base.
Handheld blenders consist of a smooth handle that fits perfectly in your hand, and has a rotating blade at the other end. The handle will have the rotating motor inside it. The blade will have to be immersed in a container containing the ingredients. The ingredients can then be blended together to form a smooth mixture as per your desire.
The collection of blenders at Awok consists of blenders that come with one or more attachments. These attachments will have different blades attached to it, giving you an all-in-one experience. Awok will not let you compromise on your culinary skills. With your own blender you can be the Chef you always dreamt of being, or simply treat yourself by whipping up a glass of your favorite punch.