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Washing machine is a machine that helps with the washing of dirty clothes and sheets. It is an innovation that has made the tedious job of washing easier. Gone are the days when washing clothes and laundry was dreaded. No more hand washing, and no more straining the arm muscles, as washing machines have now taken over that entire burden.

Washing machine UAE, a simple invention that helps clean clothes, has now evolved into an innovative device that offers so many more options. Today, washing machines come with many washing options along with the option of drying clothes too. Washing machines gives you flawlessly fresh, and beautifully clean laundry after every wash.

Minimal mechanical parts guarantees lesser dissipation of energy which improves the washing performance, tones down the noise and vibration, increases energy saving, and boosts durability. Today, even chrome-finished, sleek versions of washing machines are available, which come with increased capacity of 8kg.

Washing machines equipped with some amazing features are designed cleverly to save time and reduce efforts. Tough blemishes gets wiped off by its stain removal function, gently. The new Express Cleaning feature in many washing machines helps you when you are in a rush, and washes your laundry in less than 20 minutes. And its helpful 24-hour Delay Start function places you in full control of when the machine needs to start its washing process. So your clothes can be cleaned, dried, and made ready to be worn, with least efforts from you.

The Sensitivity and Allergy Care system uses an interesting Steam Wash technique to expel the dust and tidy the clothes. Ecofriendly washing machines also use an advanced display that reduces consumption even further and saves on energy.

Washing machine price in UAE and washing machine price in Dubai varies based on the capacity of the washing machine, and the brand name. To purchase a quality washing machine for an amazing price, visit Awok. Awok’s online shopping experience is hassle free, quick, and very easy on the pocket!