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A webcam is a video camera that passes a real-time image through a computer network to another person no matter where they are. It can stream instant videos to allow one to communicate with another person elsewhere via video chats. Also, when this video stream is captured by your webcam you can save it for later use, or send it to anyone you want. Webcams have been used a lot recently simply because of families and friends in different parts of the world, and the urge to reconnect with them. Talking to them through apps that use webcam like Skype etc., makes you feel as if you are with them.
Webcams nowadays usually come equipped with the laptop you buy. However, you can also buy your webcam separately and set it with your laptop in case you want a better quality one. It is imperative for your webcam to have a higher resolution. Furthermore, it is advisable that you buy a webcam with a glass lens rather than a plastic one because it gives a better image. You should make sure that your webcam can capture high definition videos since that is a feature most webcams have nowadays.
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