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Abaya also called Aba is a robe-like dress that is worn by Muslim women as a tradition. Traditional Abaya in UAE is generally black and covers the whole body from shoulders down to the feet and even hands. This is worn along with hijab that acts as a face veil covering complete face except for eyes. Even few women use hand gloves in order to cover even the hands. Normally, the Abaya dress comes in two main abaya style - One that can be worn from the shoulder and the other is worn from the top of the head. Though it looks like a just simple, plain garment but in fact, there exist different varieties of abaya designs. In these recent days, we can find Abhaya in Dubai with tailored cuts, colored embellishments and with even embroidery. Along the sleeve cuts, necklines for Abhaya in UAE, we can find ribbons, crystals, beads, lace, sequins and more.

Apart from the black abaya from women’s clothing, we can even find several other colors like brown, green, purple and dark blue. In the countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia, all women should wear abaya along with hijab dress while in public to obey the lawsuits. If you are looking out for the best fashion abaya in UAE, then here is our latest collection that suits the present abaya fashion. You need not step out of your house to get the new abaya design. We offer you the best abaya online in UAE at unbelievable prices. We have got all those abaya online in Dubai, hijab style wear that can add some extra wow factor without compromising the traditional values. Now, add some extra fashion to your abaya dress by preferring abaya online shopping in UAE. Don’t wait anymore! Get some good and fashionable stuff with our wide collection of abaya dress online at fabulous discounts.