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Packing tapes are a common household and industrial item known as adhesive tapes usually used for box sealing, parcel or packing.  Corrugated fiberboard boxes or gift wraps can be easily sealed through it because of the hefty adhesive pressure sensitivity.  Packing tapes are helpful to close or tighten any openings and connecting suitable materials subsequently it has the property of powerful and solid stickiness which fixes on the surface with firm and strict control. Usually, the packing tapes are in two colors, the clear or transparent one and other one are brown that camouflages with the brown carton or parcel packs but now for the gift wraps attractively printed scotch tapes are also available. Another type of tapes and adhesives is duct tape which is silver in color highly strong cloth-backed and also waterproof as the strong aluminum particles are used in its manufacturing which reflects the silver shade, these tapes have a long-lasting resistance of weather conditions.  Packing tapes in UAE are available in different sizes broadness, from 3 inches to 1 inch and all of these can be easily ordered from Awok, the price of packing tapes are low and it is also available in the sets to form additionally the packing tapes in Dubai are used during the shifting by using the packing boxes, moving boxes or cardboard boxes, whereas it has been called with the different name of masking tapes too.  Awok provides the feasibility to shop online all type of packing tapes and other stationery and office supplies in Dubai so order now and experience hassle-free shopping experience through Awok.