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Pet Food & Supplies

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Do you own a pet or planning to bring one home? Bringing a new pet home may seem simple, but there are a number of things that need to be taken care of. Whether it is a dog, cat, fish, turtles or any other, it is necessary that the pet feels comfortable and easily adapts to the new environment. Above all, taking proper care of pets is mandatory by providing healthy food, making time for exercise and supplying it with hygienic products. It requires buying a number of things or accessories for your lovely pet so that it feels comfortable in its new home. Hence, Awok offers all such necessary pet foods and supplies at discount prices in UAE.

The pet foods and supplies in UAE are available in wide varieties. There are decorative platform rocks for turtles, adjustable stainless steel prong collars and water resistant paw protectors for dogs, colorful cat teaser chaser feather play toys for cats, bath towels, and many more. Awok offers almost all kinds of pet foods and supplies at low prices in Dubai along with special offers on them. This online shopping website strives to promote better health, maintenance, and overall growth of your pets.