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The scale is a device which helps to measure any substance.  It is indeed a significant device for home and kitchen. There are two types of scales available in Dubai, analog and digital, however, the revolution has been come with the technological advancement as in ancient times people used to weigh with the help of the traditional balancing weighting machine but now we have much more advanced and ultra-modern scales for the accurate and instant result.  Weight scale in UAE have many variants according to the usage and purpose, the major uses of scales have categorized it with different names like luggage scale, kitchen food scale, jewelry scale, and personal weighing scale.  As the usage categorized already, same reflects the size of the scale as well, the luggage scales are huge mostly seen on airports, cargos or warehouses, kitchen food scale is smaller in size with the gram and kg units functionality helps to measure the ingredients for delicious meal preparation whereas the jewelry scale is a mini scale helps to weigh in the metal , the most commonly used in hospitals or for personal use is the personal weighing machine which is now available in many moderate sizes, designs and material.  Digital weighing meters are popular and with that many of the portable weighing machines have been launched in mini sizes, meanwhile, the top brands of scales in Dubai are Nevica, Sonashi, Epsilon, Nikai, and Cyber. Awok offers easy steps online shopping experience so filter out your desire weight scale and order now for the delivery at your doorstep not only that the other home and kitchen accessories like kitchen wareheater, bathrobestorch and emergency lightstelevision accessoriescables and connectors can be ordered online also.