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Selfie Sticks & Tripods

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A lot of technological advancement has taken place during the last decade. The current generation has witnessed a shift in technology, from walkie-talkies, VCRs, film cameras, and cassette players, to smartphones, MP3 players, CD players, laptops, DSLRs, and many others that have become a part of our daily life. As smartphones have become more affordable, and a large variety is present out there, it has given rise to the Selfie Culture. Good quality cameras are built into the phones, making accessibility to a camera much easier. However, the selfie trend also gave rise to Selfie Sticks, which has taken the selfie trend to another level! All you have to do is attach your phone to the holder on the selfie stick, connect it via Bluetooth, position it at your preferred angle with your hand, adjust the length of the stick according to the frame composition, and then press the button on the stick to capture the photo. It's as easy as that! The selfie stick Dubai gained a lot of popularity, especially during the year 2014. In fact, Times named it as one of the best inventions of 2014! Now, selfie sticks price in Dubai is really low, making it affordable by everyone.

Here is what makes a selfie stick useful and interesting!

Captures Photos of a Large Group: So your family is meeting up after a long time, where you’ll get to meet your siblings and cousins. The top most priority in such occasions is usually to capture as many picture-worthy moments as possible, and frame them to keep with you forever. So if you want to take a picture with all the family members present in it, what will you do? That’s right. Take out your selfie stick and capture that perfect shot, with everyone in the picture!

Bigger Frame, Greater Composition Ideas: Basically, the farther the phone, the bigger the frame. It’s a simple rule. Aiming your camera far from the object lets you cover more area of the object, or the environment. So if you want to capture a picture of the attire you’re wearing but you don’t have a mirror, you can simply pull out your stick and capture a great shot framing your body from your head to toe.

Best Travelling Partner: You just can’t go on a trip without a selfie stick anymore! Whenever you plan to go on vacation, it is the one thing that you should take with you, among other essentials accessories. When travelling, a selfie stick lets you capture the beauty of a place with you in the frame, enjoying the stunning view. Landscape mode allows you to capture more of the background, with you in the foreground.

Seemingly Candid Shots: Not everybody likes taking selfies because at times it is perceived as self-obsession. Some people try to avoid posting selfies just because they are selfies! A selfie stick solves that problem as well! Using a suitable angle and length, you can also take pictures using a selfie stick in such a way that the stick doesn’t show and it looks like a candid picture. You just have to figure the right way to do that.

Price of selfie sticks in Dubai UAE is highly economical. Awok has an array of selfie sticks to pick from, all available at the best prices in the market. Check it out now.