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Choppers and blenders are considered as one of the important home appliances because of the feasibility it delivers secondly, convenience has dropped the variations in the built of choppers and blenders in Dubai. For the preparation of delicious and timely dishes, instant solutions are required to grind, chop and blend as chopping through traditional method takes a lot of time and energy. The huge food processors or food factory are designed for such purpose but eventually size and shape evaluated and the demand of handy or small blenders increased to overcome this issue alternatively the creativity indulged and vertically shaped stick blenders have launched. The ease through this is that no need to transfer or put the item into the other machine container, the blender is manufactured into a fine stick style which has the blade at the end subsequently fits in into any utensil. Apart from this, there won’t be any worries about cleaning as this small machine has a little blade only which require a splash of water and voila undoubtedly the perfect hand blender. The choppers in UAE are also compressed in size and now modified into a small bowl with the blade set on the base of the motor. Electrical and manual both type of blenders and choppers are available at Awok. The manual ones enhance the portability element as it allows utilizing it anywhere without any cord along with juicer blender and hand mixers variety is also there. The top brands trending in Dubai are Braun hand blenders, Black and Decker, Panasonic, Geepas and Kenwood. The other home and kitchen appliances like sandwich makertoasterrice cooker and kettles are also enlisted at Awok.